Deep Snow Limits.

Want to blaze through powder? Our Deep Snow & Off-Piste deals are becoming increasingly popular. Check on the possibilities of the excellent experience going off-piste.

Christoph Mooslechner, Staatlich geprüfter Skilehrer, Skiführer und Bergführer

Freeride Camp Basic.

You can ski parallel on red runs and tried some powder before?  Refine your technique and master new tactics that will help you conquer the entire mountain. Increase your range of speeds, terrain and conditions (weather and safety factors permitting). Book now..!

Freeride Camp Advanced.

Wether fine-tuning your already solid technique or skill set or discovering new lines, you go everywhere with confidence. Good physical condition is required (weather and safety factors permitting). Book now..!  

Freeride Camp Extreme.

Bigger skills mean bigger thrills. Very experienced skiers break through to new levels of effectiveness on all terrain in Ski Amadé. Explore any challenge on the mountain including high-angle hills (weather and safety factors permitting). Book now..!

Deep Snow Courses.

Ski powder and deep snow is definately the most adventurous way to experience the mountain. We offer foundation courses for deep snow first timer's and perfection courses for experienced skiers (weather and safety factors permitting).

Ski Touring.

Break your own trail in ungroomed terrain including backcountry skiing. Skis require the use of climbing skins. Enjoy this silent experience. Entry-level tour or tour for ambitious skiers. Offerings change due to snow and weather conditions!

Crossing Dachstein Massif (experienced skiers only).

This ski tour is the most spectacular way to experience a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dachstein Gletscherbahn gondola will take us up to 2.700m above sea level. We will be descending about 20km terrific scenery, gorges and deep snow to Obertraun where a return shuttle will be ready.

Avalanche Education Class.

Theory: solid introduction to avalanche awareness, gain insight into decision-making strategies, the human factors involved in avalanches, develop critical planning, ways to spot common trigger points, weather considerations and snow stability, identify types and terrain of avalanches and primary start-zone factors.

Field session:  experience how avalanche rescue beacons work, learn how to use shovel and probe, analyze and discuss snowpack, downhill freeride.


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Notice Session Times!

  • Freeride Camp Basic 3 days
  • reeride Camp Advanced 3 days
  • Freeride Camp Extreme  1 day
  • Deep Snow Courses 4 hours
  • Ski Touring entry-level tour 2 hours, tour for ambitious skiers 1 day
  • Crossing Dachstein Massif  1 day
  • Avalanche Education Class 2 days

minimum require:

  • Freeride Camp Basic 4 clients
  • Freeride Camp Advanced 4 clients
  • Freeride Camp Extreme  maximum 2 clients!
  • Deep Snow Course 3 clients
  • Ski Touring entry-level and ambitious 4 clients
  • Crossing Dachstein Massif 5 clients
  • Avalanche Education Class no minimum require

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