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Confidence building. Nurturing. Encouriging. Ridiculously fun. Check out our Dinolinos half day session course! Especially tailored for kids 3 years of age. Day-to-day booking if kids need a day off.

Viky Stöllinger, Landesskilehrerin LS 2

Toddlers Club.

Infants from 2 years will have their first contact on skis at our Dinoworld in 45-minute units. Specially trained ski instructors work with one child only. What to expect: walk with skis, ride a magic carpet and slowly gliding down Schuss. Such preliminary exercises will help your child to get ready for coming seasons. Day-to-day booking (due to instructor availability).


For juniors from 3 years of age.

Children will start in our Kids' zone on a safe and fun area including a Magic Carpet. They will gain courage and conifdence while learning how to stop, turn in curves and to ski in Schuss. Kids move to a T-bar lift when ready. Please notice that child must be potty-trained and this class is not a day-care. Day-to-day booking


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Notice session times!

  • Toddlers Club 45 minutes, day-to-day booking (due to instructor availability).
  • Dinolino trial session from 9 to 9:45am for 3 year old kids only
  • Dinolinos: 2 hours from 10 to 12 o clock. day-to-day booking.


  • Dinolinos course: sunday and Monday at 9:45 o clock.

minimum require

  • Toddler 1 child only
  • Dinolinos 4 years old 3 kids

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